Ever wondered what it would look like to capture a sneeze at high shutter speed? Probably not. Well I wondered, and I did something about it. A personal project to celebrate the holidays, most of these images were sent to friends and colleagues in a 36-inch accordion-fold mailer. Don’t miss the super slo-mo video we produced at the same time. Hit that full-screen button!

American Summer

Heat. Thick heat. August in the Ozarks. The air is wet wool across your chest. This is no beach sunny summer, sandcastles in foam surf collecting seashells. This is sun on boulders. Sun on green, verdant, drone of cicadas at full volume before they start to die. State park bathrooms in old pine, brown painted, lichens, ripe. It’s not the mosquitoes it’s the chiggers, gravel dust in the parking lot parching your throat.

And then a sweet plunge into river fresh water, so cold and so deep, your full height again above your head to the surface, air bubbles escaping up, a pocket of stone, pools in stone, one giant stone a hundred undulating yards long, river forced through small spaces so it goes deep, rushes.

Middle America, summer. An American Summer. No coast in sight.


The students of Promise Christian Academy, a faith-based school for children with severe, and often multiple, disabilities.


A brand library for global biotechnology company Biogen, which specializes in the treatment of neurological, autoimmune, and rare diseases. The library covered Biogen’s work across a range of perspectives, from patient stories to research, manufacturing, product, corporate culture, and leadership.

Liberty Tax

The “wavers” – costumed mascots for a chain of tax preparation offices who beckon passersby from the sidewalk.

Washington University Arts & Sciences

On campus but off the beaten path. Commissioned by Arts & Sciences and captured on large format film for a series of 60-inch prints on display in the administration suite.

Wrestling at South Broadway

Dim light, sweat, and two-dollar beer. Wrestling at the South Broadway Athletic Club is one of the best pieces of live entertainment you can find in south St. Louis. Or in the world.

2008 Democratic Presidential Primary

Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. John Edwards. Remember John Edwards?