We’re looking for an intern! That’s really all you need to know, but feel free to dig into this verbose and over-written set of guidelines we created in response to one university’s multiple-text-field submission template.


Intern will primarily assist photographer on photo shoots (duh): arrange and test lighting, set up camera and computer, check focus, digital tech, pack and help carry gear, etc. There may also be occasional opportunities to shoot  (second camera) on some assignments.

On non-shoot days, we’ll tackle a variety of long term projects: marketing campaigns, image archive keywording, digital retouching, photographing client tearsheets, testing/researching new equipment, photographing personal projects, maintaining studio blog and social media presence.

In addition, there is a constant stream of client work to maintain – estimates, invoices, online galleries, emails and delivery of assignment images. Involvement in this daily client maintenance is one of the most valuable learning opportunities a student photographer can find. As a very small shop, that’s our special hook: up-close and immediate access to both the creative and business processes that in a larger studio might be kept at arm’s length from an intern.



The most important requirement is a desire to learn. Seriously! I need an asker of questions. This internship will be most valuable to someone who wants to eventually do what I’m doing.

In addition, the ideal applicant will be:

  • Junior or senior level undergraduate.
  • Fluent with Apple computers and Mac OS.
  • Skilled in Photoshop and other digital imaging/capture tools and software.
  • Skilled with a DSLR, and have a solid understanding of the technical fundamentals of photography. (Experience with studio lighting is a plus.)
  • Possessed of strong communication skills, a people person.
  • Proud owner of a driver’s license and a reliable automobile.
  • A consumer of caffeinated drinks.
  • An enjoyer of great sandwiches.
  • A whiz at making bulleted lists.
  • Note: I photograph mostly people, so it would be ideal, though not essential, for the student to have an interest in people and portraiture.




Media Communications with an emphasis in Photography



This internship is unpaid. However, on client shoot days we will offer a small assisting fee. Lunch will be provided/compensated, and the intern will never have to spend money to be here.


Application Process

We would like to see your:

  • Photography Portfolio
  • Resum√©
  • Cover letter stating what you hope to accomplish, and why you want an internship here.
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty
  • Description of your university/institution’s internship program requirements.
  • 1500-word essay on your 19th-Century photographic influences
  • Just kidding about that last one

Send your application info via email to jay@jayfram.com.


Educational Significance

An intern at our studio will have access to:

Valuable insight into the business and creative sides of running a photography business, and further, a glimpse of what it takes to turn a passion for imagery into a viable career as an independent photographer.

One-on-one portfolio critiques, and guidance for developing that portfolio into an ever more cohesive, streamlined, and marketable presentation of the student’s photographic voice.

Opportunity to assist on client shoots.

Guidance on working as a freelance photo assistant in the immediate future, if desired.

Possible opportunities to shoot second camera or behind-the-scenes material, depending on client workload and intern’s demonstrated skill.

Note: We say “will have access to” because the actual absorption of the experience/information at hand depends on the student’s level of engagement and inquisitiveness. We won’t force feed the uninterested.