What it is, is video. But “video” sounds like something cheap with low production value, rather than a beautiful moving photograph. We want you to think cinema, not TV news. Stanley Kubrick, not Michael Moore. That’s why we say motion. We’re thinking of photographs that move. And the term videographer… just, never mind.

Whatever you call it, I’ve passed through the dabbling phase and I’m a bit proud of this series of one-minute profiles of the surgery team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. We made seven of them, released in the fall of 2012 and finally making an appearance on this oft-neglected blog. You can view the rest of them on my Vimeo page – here.

At the same time and on the same sets, we made still portraits for the print campaign – a companion direct mail package containing profile cards on each surgeon with an invitation to watch their personal videos. You can read more about the strategy behind the whole campaign on the Almanac blog – here.

Dr. Brad Warner, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, 2012

Dr. Jackie Saito, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, 2012

And a word of thanks: Motion/video/film/cinema takes a village, much different than heading out to shoot with a camera bag over your shoulder. Big thanks to my crew:

Nate Sprehe – Producer / Art Director

Doug Garfield – Lighting / Digital Tech

Jacob Berkowitz – Editor / Assistant Camera

Pete Weigel – Location Audio Engineer

Tim Gebauer – Audio Post-Production