Don and Helen have been married for 67 years.

67 years. Can you imagine? That means they got married during World War II. Not born, but MARRIED. Don is 88 and Helen is 87. He doesn’t hear too well, and her knees are pretty bad. I just hope my life looks like theirs in my late eighties. Still stealing kisses. Still sitting next to my sweetheart. We won’t all be so lucky.

Don & Helen, September 2011

Don and Helen live at The Sarah Community, a retirement home for senior Catholic sisters that also serves the public. I made these portraits for The Sarah Community’s “Chapel Campaign” after being hired by the unique talents at Almanac, who designed the print brochure (see below). Photographing the aged is something special – I actually really enjoy it. There’s so much accumulated experience there, so much life, I feel like maybe I can soak up some of the wisdom just by proximity. And they’re usually enthusiastic, grateful to be involved, patient.

Sister Joleen is 99 years old and she tells better jokes than you.

Sister Joleen

Sister Antonice was a school teacher for 59 years – she said she misses the kids every day.

Sister Antonice

Sister Sarah showed me a professional beauty shot she had done a few, or more likely kind of a lot of, years ago. Wowie.

Sister Sarah

Here’s a portion of the printed piece by Almanac:

Sarah Community Chapel Campaign, Cover

I'm so glad the kiss made the final cut.