More pictures from our April 2011 AIGA Open Studio Tour. So as I was saying last week, I’m somewhat obsessed these days with comparing digital capture to film. It’s not so much the difference in the technical “surface” of the image in terms of contrast, grain, resolution – though that’s interesting also – but rather how these tools, the different cameras, affect how you take the picture, when you trip the shutter, how you interact with the subject. By way of simplistic example, one tends not to get lively expressions or fleeting moments with a large format view camera. On the other hand, because each exposure is so painstaking, each sheet of film so precious, and not least because I can’t see through the camera after the film is loaded, the view camera forces me to slow way down, to see my subject much more consciously, to be more certain that I like the pose and the composition before I pull the trigger. You get one, or maybe a few, exposures. There is no spray and pray.

Here’s the Polaroids:




Enrique +

Kara + Agnes

Becca + Taos


A Couple I Didn't Know

And then there’s this. I’m starting to bore even myself with the digital v. film comparison by now, but I already put this little side by side smash-up together so here it is:

Two Geoffs: Digital v. 4x5 Polaroid

Which is which, can you tell? Do you care? $50 and a 3-month internship to the first person who can convince me it matters.