Just back from a trip to New York, during which I insisted, much to my wife’s chagrin, on dragging around a Mamiya 7 rangefinder. It is perfectly terrible to be married to a photographer on any kind of trip or vacation.

I’m still not sure why I insist on shooting personal work on film when it’s so difficult to tell the final product apart from digital, but I keep at it. Certain professional colleagues think I’m bonkers. When I told the certain professional colleague in question I was taking a medium format rangefinder to NY, I believe his exact words were “Now why the f*** would you want to do a thing like that?” And truly, he’s right. It’s WAY more difficult, not to mention expensive, to manage the film workflow, what with the processing, contact sheets, scanning, retouching, cataloguing, etc. On the other hand, there’s something about the process… I shoot differently on film. And I still believe it has a unique look. Or looks, really, plural. And it’s fun. And often unpredictable. There are nice little surprises when you pick up the film from the lab.

Recent post about the resurgence of film on the Resolve blog, HERE. I don’t know about a “comeback” though. I’d take that with a grain of silver halide. Ha.

I’ll post some work from the trip soon. You know, after the processing proofing scanning editing and retouching.

How about you, friends? What’s the last thing you photographed on film? You don’t have to be a professional. Send it to me if you can, and I’ll post it here and take the credit if it’s any good. Just kidding. I’ll give you credit.