So here’s my print waiting to be hung at Mad Art for The Art of Food (see last post).

Most of the time I never see my work on anything but a computer screen. Blah. It’s important, but inconvenient and costly, to make prints, tangible things you can hold in your hands, and which light falls upon and bounces off. It makes a photo seem much real-er. Yeah, you can take that to the Scrabble board. I used the Art of Food as an excuse to have a giant print made, which I never do, and to have that print permanently mounted with adhesive behind plexiglass. This makes the picture seem like a physical object, rather than paper behind glass. Sort of like the print IS the glass. Anyway I’m in love with the result.

By the way, the piece was printed and mounted at Novacolor, one of the last remaining pro photo labs left in St. Louis. These guys are such a class act.