I didn’t tend to shoot much Kodachrome myself – there’s only one lab in the whole freakin’ WORLD that will process it – but the fact that Kodak has officially announced the death of this beautiful film is a sad thing. Kodachrome has been around for almost 75 years; it was outpaced long ago by other slide films that were more neutrally balanced and easier to process. But to this day nothing (not even Photoshop plug-ins thank you very much, blech) quite matched Kodachrome’s particular warmth, saturation, and smoothness.

There’s a great little editorial about it on The Atlantic website.

Steve McCurry’s famous portrait of an Afghan girl in a refugee camp, photographed in 1984 on 35mm Kodachrome. Not that the film is the reason the picture is great, but… well, her eyes are awfully intense.

Photo by Steve McCurry.

Photo by Steve McCurry.