Jay Fram

I’m the photographer agencies call on to craft evocative, honest portraits of real people and places. Authentic, emotive, maybe a little off-kilter, my images tell stories even when they stand alone.

Obsessed though I am with imagery, I never set out to be a photographer. I enjoy talking to people, and in the early days photographing became an access point, a pretext for looking and asking, a reason to retell the story. Now I get hired to do what I love, for clients across the country who want to tell the unlikely stories that inhabit regular people. Sometimes the stories are real and sometimes we make them up, though either way, finding the authentic emotion is the real creative work. You’re never quite certain what someone will bring to a photograph, and that sense of the unexpected is what makes it exciting.

I’m incredibly lucky to make my living from pictures, to be a storyteller, and I’d be doing this even if I didn’t get paid. Not that you shouldn’t pay me.

See pictures of us taking pictures: HERE.